Mascot Mania! Holidog

If you think mascots only exist in pro sports, you’re doggone wrong! Many kiddie parks have mascots too and today I’d like to introduce you to Holiday World’s most famous dog, appropriately  named “Holidog”


From the moment you get into the park, you can’t miss Holidog’s presence. This superhero cape clad canine helps you remember where you parked, reminds you of the rules, and also explains the park’s fundraising efforts. Holidog’s influence is most strongly represented in the 4th of July area of the park which houses a kiddieland called “Holidog’s Funtown”. Here you’ll find attractions like Holidog’s Treehouse and the Holidog Express which takes you into a mini fairy tale park full of the park’s vintage statues called Mother Gooseland. (sure to be a feature on this blog at a later date!) You can also pose with a larger than life fiberglass Holidog statue, and ride on his custom kiddie coaster, The Howler!

Holidog puts on regular shows with his mascot pals at the Holidog All Star Theater. Aside from hanging out in the park, he’s also a regular jokester on the park’s social media sites and their “Holiblog” where he poses for photos and even texts with park staff!


Naturally,  Holidog loves holidays, so he joins us every Christmas in the form of this classy blown glass ornament. Nice Santa Hat, Holidog! 

Holidog Ornament

There’s no doubt about it, Holidog is one hard working pup, so  he deserves a little downtime after his shift is over. We caught him here resting his dogs and trying his luck  on some of the park games. Hope you win some cool Holidog Merch, pal!

Holidog on break


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