Hoppin’ Down the Bunny Trail!

Although many kiddie parks focus solely on Santa and his elves, there is another holiday friend from our childhood lurking in the magical forests out there, he’s usually found in springtime hop hop hopping down the bunny trail and hiding eggs. That’s right! Today we’re covering the Easter Bunny!  Here are some of the Bunnies I’ve met in my travels. Those pictured below hail from The Enchanted Forest (NY), Storybook Forest (PA) and Santa’s Village (NH)

Easter Various

The Magic Forest, weird as ever, has a few bunnies on property, the most intriguing of the lot is undoubtedly “Allison”. Who is Allison the bunny and why does she even exist? If you happen to know, please tell me in the comments so I can finally go to sleep at night!

Magic Forest Easter

Probably the most incredible Bunny hole of them all is tucked away in -appropriately enough- EGG Harbor, NJ (you see what I did there?) at Storybook Land .

Year round, you can peer into the windows of this asymmetrical kid sized (or is it bunny-sized?) house where a whole family of flop-ears resides. The best bunny, by far, is one very sassy lady bunny who just looks like she got off from her job as a switchboard operator circa 1965.  She’s wearing her thick frame cat eye glasses with a pink bow and a dress pushing around a cart of full of eggs. Other bunnies dressed in their Easter Sunday Best hop about inside getting ready for the big day by painting eggs and decorating their Easter tree! GAH! Since this house can’t be entered, everything inside is pristine, and there is clearly some vintage stuff well preserved in here. I’ve visited a few times and the bunnies get new outfits every year or 2 so be sure to peek inside the windows for an overwhelming dose of cuteness if you make it here! This is most certainly one of the more charming Easter Bunny houses I’ve encountered.

Storybook Land Easter

Speaking of Storybook Land, If you want a truly special Egg-sperience for Easter this park has you covered with their annual “Easter Egg Hunt with Mr. and Mrs. Bunny” This year the egg hunt will be held on April 19th & 20th from noon to 4 pm (Note, this event is designed for small children!)

Don’t fret, For us bigger kids, you can still meet the bunny and his missus on April 12, 13, 18, 19, and 20!


Hope you enjoyed these funny bunnies and a Hoppy Easter to everyone! No I’d better hop out of here before I make any more bad bunny puns!


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