Spring Cleaning! (Time to put your mittens away)

The harsh winter snow has finally melted here in the northeast, and since the sun is shining, and the birds are singing, it’s probably time for a little bit of spring cleaning. I think it’s safe to put away your mittens, kittens.

Storytown USA Cat

This mother kitten from Storytown USA is finishing up her sweeping, and has a pie cooling just for you. Sadly, when I met up with mama, It appeared that her 3 little kittens no longer live with her, as evidenced in this photo. Maybe they were just out looking for their lost mittens?

However, while she was cleaning up, mama kitten found this old slide from 1967. (credit: Flickr user chuckthewriter)

The house is much more demure today, don’t you think? (Though I tend to like the older garish one much better!)