Hump-day Dumpty – Week 7


What are nightmares made of, kids? One Egg, and this face. That’s ok, I’ll pass on that hug, Humpty. This Humpty Dumpty joins us from Santa’s Land in Putney, Vermont. Santa’s Land opened in 1957, and though most of the park has a Christmas theme, this little egghead has snuck in to the property to make us smile, (or shriek, depending on your outlook).

Sadly, this park has been in turmoil for the past few years, spending the last  few closed. And although the park has been purchased this year and is opening again, the new owners have been in court for  charges of animal abuse.  The owners have plead not guilty and been forthcoming about the issue, assuring the public on their facebook page that the animals are all well cared for.

I was lucky enough to visit in 2010 during an open spell, where I snapped countless photos, and bought one of everything in the gift shop! I hope things get sorted out and this park can get back on its feet. We wish the best of luck to the park and to all involved (including the animals). I just hope Santa isn’t watching.


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