Hump-Day Dumpty Week 8



Happy Hump Day! What? What’s the matter?

Ok, You caught me, This is not really a Humpty Dumpty…or is it? Regular readers might notice some similarities in this weird purple face. Why yes-He’s got the same sculpt as last week’s Humpty at Santa’s Land in Putney, VT! And this guy lives just down the lane in the same park! It looks to me like someone had a fit of inspiration and realized that instead of having 2 identical Humpty statues, they could re-paint one into some kind of nightmarish blueberry man! What appears to have started his life as an egg is now a work boot and scarf wearing berry monster, perched atop a cinched sack! I can only assume the gloves cover an his equallyย horrific missing hands.

So, you got me, He’s not really a Humpty Dumpty, but I think he fits the mold-don’t you?


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