Welcome-Mr. Normand Jefferson Frost to Santa’s Village

Santa’s Village in Jefferson, NH has recently called upon its fans to find a name for their beloved iconic snowman, and the fans came through!

Known to guests for decades as  simply “Frosty” the park reached out to its fans on Facebook  in April to give the snowman a proper name. This week a winner was named-Valerie Clouter came up with”Mr. Normand Jefferson Frost ” to pay tribute to the founder, the town where the park has been for over 60 years, and the unofficial nickname given by guests-with a little nod to NH born poet, Robert Frost thrown in for good measure!

Normand DuBois founded the park on Father’s day in 1953 with his wife Cecile, and the Snowman statue has been a popular photo spot for as long as he’s stood. For decades, children have climbed into his mitten and gotten a photo. Surely generations of New England Children have experienced this rite of passage, and I’m sure he’s been on more than a few family Christmas cards in his time! 


Here he is today, with one of our friends from the “Elfabet“, Fournier. His earmuffs have become painted over as ears, and he’s had some updates to his hat, gloves, and scarf. Also looks like he’s given up the corncob pipe to keep up with today’s PC times.

Looking good (but we like your vintage paint job better). Hope you stand another 60 years, Normand!


Have you ever gotten your photo taken in his mitten? If not, you should probably visit Santa’s Village today!



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