Hump-Day Dumpty Week 12

This week’s Humpty is a throwback to one of the Kiddie Parks of my youth. I grew up going to Conneaut Lake Park , but my memories of it are spotty at best.  I visited again in 2009 and the park was looking dilapidated and desperate. Most of the paint on the midway was chipping, there was trash scattered around, and we had an overwhelming “Scooby Doo” vibe the entire time we were there, as if some ghoul could whisk us behind a trick panel in a building at any point and we’d never be heard from again!

Last night the park was featured on “Mission Amusement” on the Travel Channel as it has been teetering on the brink of closure. Since the team of volunteers helped with refurb, the park seems to be on a bit of an upswing, and we hope they can keep this momentum, since it has been standing on the lake since 1892. It would devastating to see condos go up in its place!

Obviously, the park has seen a a lot of changes over the years, among them, it briefly featured a mini kiddie park across the street known as “Fairyland Forest”.  The walk through attraction was open for roughly 20 years between the 1960s and its closure in 1985 to make way for “Camperland” (ugh, I know!) It featured the usual suspects, including this Humpty Dumpty figure sitting above “All the Kings horses” and “All the King’s Men”. You don’t see that every day! Don’t you just love the kids in their little Peter Pan hats? I want that purple one more than you know!


Those interested in helping to bring this great park back to life can visit the Save Conneaut Lake facebook page. Maybe we can even convince them to bring these figures out of retirement for their Kiddieland section of the park! Best of luck to Lenny & The Conneaut Lake Family. Those of us who went to the park as kids are rooting for you!


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