Hump-Day Dumpty #13

Unlucky Number 13-It figures that this Humpty comes with a tale of misfortune.

Over the 4th of July weekend word reached Kiddieland that Humpty Dumpty at the Enchanted Forest in Turner, OR actually did have a great fall!  Heartbreaking photos were posted on the park’s facebook page of a shattered Humpty, and the only people that seemed happy about this were smug reporters who got to make jokes on the 6’oclock news about how Humpty “literally” had a great fall! Ok, I realize that I did it here too, but Har Har. Save your puns-There’s more to this tale.

Humpty was created by park founder Roger Tofte in 1968 and was added to the park in when it opened in 1970. Here’s Humpty looking cheerful atop his multicolored brick wall earlier this year.

(Original photo courtesy of Patrick North)

And here’s Humpty after “the incident”

(Origial photo courtesy of Enchanted Forest)

Turns out two adult men attempted to climb up on the wall to take photos with the statue. (Stay on the path, kids!) They brought the wall tumbling down along with them and Humpty fell to his death. Before you want to send these 2 to the castle dungeon, please be aware that they did offer to pay for the repairs. In a classy move, however, the park declined payment and stated on their facebook page:

“We were able to speak with the people involved with the incident a little on the day it happened, and they called back as well the next day offering to pay. There’s no monetary value for the sentimental value to our family or for Roger’s time, so we are not looking for that or anything else but rather to move on from this. Great thanks to everyone for the messages and offers to help, we appreciate it!”

All the King’s Men may not be able to help, but lucky for us, Humpty’s creator Roger can!  Two days after Humpty fell, the park announced that he was making plans to rebuild him. The 84 year old artist quickly went to work building the new Humpty. Roger can still be found around around the park on the land he purchased over 50 years ago, or selling his paintings in town at a local gallery. He admitted that it would take quite a few hours to start from scratch and duplicate what he had buit in the late 60s, and joked that he hoped he still had “some creative juices left”. Based on what we’ve seen, we’re not worried about that!RogerTofterepairs

Roger is seen left taking photos of the area on July 6th after the damaged statue had been removed, and by July 11th (just under a week from his fall) Humpty already  has a brand new wall! (Photos courtesy of Enchanted Forest)

We’ll continue to follow the progress online at the Enchanted Forest’s Facebook page. In the meantime, from all of us in kiddieland, thank goodness for you, and your creative juices, Roger! We wish you all the luck in the world, and can’t wait to see Humpty come back home!ThanksRoger


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