Do you know your Elfabet?

You are probably familiar with Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, right? Well I bet none of you have heard of “Vollymolly, Alphy, Quantam, or Xixie?” These are some of the names of Santa’s 26 elves according to the Elfabet Game at Santa’s Village in Jefferson, New Hampsire!

The Elfabet game is a scavenger hunt style game which begins at “Elfabet University”.  Here, you are given a personalized card on a string, intended to be worn during your day at the park. The card has a Christmas tree made up of every letter in the alphabet.  As you walk around enjoying the park, you’ll encounter little elves, each of them holding a gift box. The box has a lever on it and a punch mechanism inside that lines up with the letters on your tree card. Once you complete the punch card and return to the Elfabet University, you will be rewarded with a personalized diploma, and a prize! And trust me when I say the prizes we got were pretty great!-Skylar chose an Elfabet magnet, and I chose an Elfabit enamel pin; Neither of which could be purchased in the gift shop. You just had to earn them! The great thing is that even though we were 2 adults in our 30s, we were not only allowed to play the game, but encouraged to participate. Park staff seemed excited to see how many we had found and hinted at the location of letters we were still missing. Before we left the park, we were sure to  find them all and collected our diplomas and our prizes!  As we discovered them, I also snapped a photo of each elf! AtoF Alphy, Betty, Carol, Danny, Emo, and Fournier GtoL Goodenbread, Hans, Icy, Jollybelly, Kringle, and Lucky MtoR Mr. Medee, Norma, Olaf, Peanut, Quantum, and Raymond Sto X Sharyn, Tonio, Upsy Daisy, Vollymolly, Whistler, and Xixie YZ   Yuleo, and Zulema!


Santa’s Village opened in 1953, and this game is a wonderful update to a vintage park! You can see the love in this park, as everything looks well maintained and new. Our little Elfabet friends fit right in with the theme and were a fun activity for kids of all ages! It was free to play, and kept us amused all day. Plus, who doesn’t love to get a prize?

Now you know your Elfabet, from Alphy to Zulema! Have you ever played the Elfabet game? Did you find them all? Show us your completed punch cards in the comments!