My name is Missy Mazzaferro, and I’ve never grown up. For the past several years I’ve been travelling to Kiddie parks built in the 1950s and 1960s and documenting them as quickly as I can before they all disappear. In doing so, I now find myself with tens of thousands of images of these quaint, enchanted parks of yesteryear. More vanish each year,  so I hope to share some of these images with you here and inspire you to visit your own local park.

So, boys and girls- buy yourself a reasonably priced ticket and grab a $2 grilled cheese sandwich (served on a frisbee) from the snack bar.  Join me in a trip back through time to visit magical lands where dinosaurs still walk the earth, Mother Goose and her fairy tale friends tell you stories,  and if you’re lucky, maybe you can catch a glimpse of the Easter Bunny or Santa and his elves hard at work in the north pole!



This is Enchanted Kiddieland!


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  1. Just found you! (Thanks for liking my post about Mister Rogers!) I love exploring small gems that most folks overlook. Thanks for showcasing these “kiddie parks”. I’ll be adding some of them to my summer road-trip itinerary! I look forward to visiting. 🙂

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  2. Just joined. I admire your passion and have fond memories of lost attractions in SoCal. from the fifties and sixties. I was lucky enough to have been to the Long Beach Pike that had a mummified bank robber sprayed orange to glow under blacklight in the Laff In The Dark. Elmer McCurdy had his own tent at first,then he went to a crapppy wax museum in the same park and that closed he went to the dark ride where he was discovered to be real when a worker on the six Million DOllar Man series moved him and exposed a bone. There is a recent book on Pacific Ocean Park in the sixties. Highly recommended.


    • Welcome! I hope you find some fun things here. Be sure to check our our FB/Instagram/Twitter if you use those! 🙂

      I definitely need to check out that book!


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